Pamela Chisholm

Pastor Pamela Chisholm was called to Greenbrier Baptist Church (GBC) in September 2009. Prior to this calling she was an Assistant Pastor at Memorial Baptist Church in Arlington Virginia.

Rev. Chisholm received her BS Degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, and her Master of Divinity from our local Baptist seminary, John Leland Center for Theological Studies.  She also currently works with the Federal government as an Executive Assistant.

Pamela was born in Jamaica, West Indies and worked in Public Relations for several years.  She and her husband, Leslie, have two children, Mbiyu (Bijou) and Maia, and six wonderful grandchildren.

She has a passion for serving the needy and those who may not know Christ.   Pastor Pam is very involved in the community through GBC, and partners such as NorthStar and CBF.  She finds various ways to help the church show Christ’s love by meeting the needs of people in the community and across the world.